How set up a top rope on a sport anchor with a chain and a lowering ring?

How set up a top rope on a sport anchor with a chain and a lowering ring?

This is the most common sport anchor on the island and, if in good condition, also one of the safest.

For a top rope to be stable and safe, it must be made redundant. That is to say, we will have the rope passed through two counterbalanced carabiners (the triggers facing outward and opposite each other), which will be anchored to the top plate of the belay and to the lower ring of the belay.

Once we have the top rope assembled, when we unclimb, we will leave the belay rope passed through the last plate, before the belay, with a quickdraw with safety carabiners (magic tape).


We will always avoid using the links of the chain to anchor or unhook. Why use the weakest link? Some Fixe stainless steel carabiners have had breaks in the welds of their links.

If we only use screw locking carabiners, it is better to have the gate (the one that opens the carabiner) facing downward. Automatic trigger carabiners, it does not matter how they are oriented.


If we do not have enough carabiners, we can also mount the top rope with quickdraws, always with the last armored plate on the belay rope.


Last plate, before the belay, with two counter-belayed webbing straps. This way we have a top rope without any safety carabiner.

But always keep in mind that the most advisable thing to do will always be to make them with locking carabiners. Do not forget this.